Mikhail Grigoryan is a psychologist, trainer and consultant. He is one of the leading experts in communication in Russia and CIS. Mikhail is the consultant and trainer of the political and business elite members, managers and employees of well-known Russian and international companies. Mikhail Grigoryan accompanies elections of mayors, governors and members of legislatures in several regions of Russia. He had taken a part in the elections to the Russian State parliament - Duma in 2011 and of the President of Russia in 2012.


Pedagogical approach to teaching methodology and more than 20 years experience in the trainings contributed to create a unique system of the efficient communication skills formation. Efficient communication is the foundation of successful cooperation in any situation: negotiations, public speaking, conflict and many others.


Mikhail Grigoryan founded the Training Center in 2005. The Center offers different training formats, consulting, psychological support and coaching based on the principles of the efficient communication.



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